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informacja o ogłoszonym przez Prezydenta Miasta Lublin konkursie na kandydata na stanowisko Dyrektora instytucji kultury pn. Galeria Labirynt

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Ogłoszenie zostało opublikowane na stronie podmiotowej w BIP Urzędu Miasta Lublin -,1172,28195,2.html


Last Updated on Thursday, 28 April 2022 12:47

Regulamin V Ogólnopolskiego Konkursu Malarskiego im. Wyczółkowskiego 16.04.2022

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Do pobrania

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 April 2022 08:11

Konkurs na projekt pomnika Ofiar Zbrodni Wołyńskiej

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Szanowni Państwo.

W dniu 11.04.2022 r. Miasto Zielona Góra ogłosiło otwarty konkurs rzeźbiarski na projekt pomnika Ofiar Zbrodni Wołyńskiej. Regulamin konkursu oraz pozostałe materiały do pobrania dostępne są na stronie internetowej Miasta.



Word Art Day

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15 kwietnia jako World Art Day- Światowy Dzień Sztuki

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Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Artystów IAA/AIAPktórego jako ZPAP jesteśmy członkiem, przyjęło datę 15-go kwietnia jako World Art Day- Światowy Dzień Sztuki / Dzięki Nam wszystkim artystom- Dzień ten jest od 2019 roku wkalendarzu UNESCO . Nie jest łatwo w tym roku obchodzićŚwiatowy Dzień Sztuki. Dlatego prosimy WAS o uważność, solidarność i pomoc dla Wszystkich !Przekazujemy również list od Prezydenta IAA/AIAP. NOT TO WAR, YES FOR ART.!!!!!!!!

zpoważaniemMaria Moroz
Wiceprezydent Polskiego Narodowego

Komitetu IAA/AIAP, Executive Committee IAA/AIAP World



Dear National Committee Presidents,

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

What a disgrace that we must prepare the events of "World Art Day" for its 10th year of the official celebration, (since we declared WAD in 2011, in Guadalajara, Mexico and started celebrating it in 2012) in the midst of this ongoing cruel war!

Needless to say, since we are in the middle of this terrible invasion by Russia and the great resistance of the People of Ukraine, we cannot happily celebrate art, dance and sing as if everything was normal. But on the other hand, we believe in the solidarity of art and its healing power and we, as AIAP/IAA and our comrades from all over the world stay "hand in hand/heart in heart" with Ukraine and our fellow artists. 

As you know, we trust in art, surviving and being performed even in the darkest days and moments, as symbolized by the attitude of Wallace Hartley's Band, during their performance until the very last minute aboard the Titanic on that night it sank, in the early hours of April 15th, 1915. So, we know very well that "the show must go on" as it did, even in the darkest moments of history. 

You might remember that since 2020, the Turkish Artist Association UPSD has changed the name of its yearly Art Awards to "World Art Day 'Wallace Hartley' Awards" to remind the commitment of arts enduring at all times and being a magic carrier with this noble belief.

That's why, let me suggest to you and your committees, friends, and members that "Of course, we should still remember and celebrate art on World Art Day, but we should also remain deeply in full empathy with our Ukrainian colleagues and the beautiful resistance of the people of Ukrain, so that in all this year's activities and speeches, we pay our tribute and respect to them in full solidarity and understanding, hoping for peace to come to Ukraine no later than NOW-TODAY !

We are sure that you and your colleagues will also organize touching activities, conferences, speeches, panel discussions during this year's WAD events and make a note of your statement in the best words and feelings.

In art we trust, and also in our AIAP/IAA universal solidarity FOREVER.

With my warmest feelings as well as deepest regrets for what we must go through.

Bedri Baykam

World President




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